Volume 39 Issue 3
Mar.  2024
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NIU Zhongguo, LIU Jie, HU Qiuqi, et al. Experiment of the plasma active flow control based on pressure feedback[J]. Journal of Aerospace Power, 2024, 39(3):20220265 doi: 10.13224/j.cnki.jasp.20220265
Citation: NIU Zhongguo, LIU Jie, HU Qiuqi, et al. Experiment of the plasma active flow control based on pressure feedback[J]. Journal of Aerospace Power, 2024, 39(3):20220265 doi: 10.13224/j.cnki.jasp.20220265

Experiment of the plasma active flow control based on pressure feedback

doi: 10.13224/j.cnki.jasp.20220265
  • Received Date: 2022-04-28
    Available Online: 2023-09-28
  • Based on the corresponding relationship between the wing pressure distribution and flow separation, a feedback control method for separation flow control by plasma was proposed. Using this method, the separation of wing surface can be distinguished by the pressure of the characteristic points on the model surface, and the plasma flow control can be automatically applied or canceled according to the judgment results. The method was verified on NACA0015 airfoil and flying wing layout models respectively in wind tunnel experiment. The experiment showed that the plasma flow control method based on pressure feedback can realize the automatic suppression of the wing flow separation, thus improving the stall characteristics of the model. The effect of the plasma based on pressure feedback was consistent with that of open-loop control. Both of them can increase the maximum lift coefficient of the flying wing layout model by more than 27% and the stall angle of attack by 4° at a wind speed of 30 m/s.


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