Volume 39 Issue 5
Jan.  2024
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PENG Wei, REN Xiaodong, LI Xuesong, et al. Influence of circumferential position of intake struts on rotor blade excitation and vibration[J]. Journal of Aerospace Power, 2024, 39(5):20220371 doi: 10.13224/j.cnki.jasp.20220371
Citation: PENG Wei, REN Xiaodong, LI Xuesong, et al. Influence of circumferential position of intake struts on rotor blade excitation and vibration[J]. Journal of Aerospace Power, 2024, 39(5):20220371 doi: 10.13224/j.cnki.jasp.20220371

Influence of circumferential position of intake struts on rotor blade excitation and vibration

doi: 10.13224/j.cnki.jasp.20220371
  • Received Date: 2022-05-24
    Available Online: 2023-10-25
  • In order to investigate the influence law and mechanism of the relative circumferential position of the intake struts and downstream blades on the excitation and vibration of the rotor blade, the first 1.5 stage of a heavy-duty gas turbine compressor with intake struts was numerically simulated. Through analysis of the flow field and vibration of the rotor blade, it was found that the circumferential position of the intake struts had little effect on the total pressure ratio and total temperature ratio, but it could obviously change the excitation and vibration level of the rotor blade. When intake strut wakes and guide vane wakes coincided, the two wakes were superimposed and strengthened, resulting in the overall enhancement of excitation and vibration on the rotor blade. The circumferential position of struts obviously changed the combined effect of strut wake and downstream static blade potential flow on rotor blades, which had obvious influence on the unsteady load and global vibration in the middle chord length, but had little influence on the unsteady load near the leading edge and trailing edge. The research results can provide a reference and guidance for the installation of struts.


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